Get Up And Go With chILD!
Download this family resource guide to learn more about how to care for and raise a child with Childhood Interstitial Lung Disease, or chILD.  You can also learn more and access other helpful resources at

Get Up And Go With chILD!

Pound Hound�s Adventures in Chest PT!
Download this “booklet”, in English or en Espa�ol, to learn more about what Chest PT is and how it is done. Includes information on lung anatomy, the breathing process, respiratory assessment, and hints to motivate kids to cooperate.

Pound Hound�s Adventures in Chest PT!
La Aventuras de S�per Perro en Fisioterapia de Pecho (Chest PT)!

Cleaning Respiratory Equipment
Download this factsheet, in English or en Espa�ol, to learn tips and tricks for keeping respiratory equipment clean and disinfected.

Cleaning Respiratory Equipment
Limpiando el Equipo Respiratorio

TOBI Aerosol Therapy (PDF)
Download this fact sheet to learn more about using TOBI aerosol therapy at home.

Terapia de aerosol TOBI

Respiratory Assessment
Download the “Breathing Problems?” fact sheet to learn how to tell if a child is having a hard time breathing and what to do if they are.

Problemas para Respirar?

All About BPD: An Educational Booklet for Parents and Caregivers
Download this booklet to learn more about Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) and its treatment.

Todo Sobre BPD (Displasia Broncopulmonar)

Tips for Family Caregivers
Click on the title to download this fact sheet to learn more about improving your personal health and enhancing your child’s care.
The Role of the Parent Consultant
Have you been asked to serve as a parent consultant? Parents are a vital part of the health care team! This powerpoint presentation, by Dr. Karen Dixon, reviews the expections for and responsibilities of this very important role.
Use of a Tracheostomy with a Child
Part of the Patient Information Series by the American Thoracic Society
Families Partnering with Providers (PDF)
From Family Voices, tips to help families build effective partnerships with their child�s health care providers
Thinking About Enrolling Your Child in a Research Study?
Click here to visit Children’s Hospital Boston’s interactive Parents’ Guide to Medical Research. The purpose of this Guide is to help you ask questions and gather information that can help you decide whether or not to allow your child to participate in research. The website includes written information, a video overview, answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary, and help with preparing a list of questions to use when you meet with the research team.
Listing of non-English Materials and Resources
Includes materials and resources for consumers and professionals in MANY different languages.


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